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Ben Laffra

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The author writes under the nom de guerre of Ben Laffra to honor his progenitor Nicholas Benjamin Laffra.

As a child of the ‘British Raj’ of India, he was born in its final turbulent decade. He studied, lived, and worked there after India’s Independence; through the exciting and sometimes dangerous immediate afterglow as India dragged itself out of three hundred and fifty years of British rule. His Tertiary disciplines did not have the slightest relationship to a Literary Career; but he did have a passion for reading histories of wars and historical fiction because, in his own words, “it injects that vital ingredient of realism into the narrative”.

He admits to having enjoyed the adrenaline rush, the concealed menace, and the thrill of fear that was his companion on occasion. Those experiences paved the way to influence his novels. 

He migrated to Australia in the 1970’s, where he now lives with his wife in Adelaide.

Chris Garson

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Chris also writes at his personal page: Chris Garson Writes.

Chris Garson penned his first piece of fiction, “Augusta the Dragon” in fourth grade.  Forty-five years later, he still likes dragons and his ever-growing collection includes dozens of winged serpents.  After leaving Mrs. Hamilton’s fourth-grade classroom, Chris attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, where he studied psychology, sociology, and King Arthur.

Chris provided twenty-five years of leadership as an IT executive with a Fortune 200 company. That’s a quarter century of corporate moments, some of which have already found homes in short stories. When the time came to make cuts, he gladly volunteered, having had his fill of corporate life. Since then, he’s been very busy writing, rewriting and rewriting, and never been happier.

Chris now lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, with his cats, China and Rider, who were named from a Grateful Dead setlists. Chris and his young son, Neil, are avid Cleveland Browns fans even though Neil lives in New England where Patriot fans lurk in every shadow.

Terror Tree Review

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Jeffrey Kosh

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Jeffrey Kosh is the pen name of an author of three novels, some novelettes, and a long series of short stories. Perhaps best known for his horror fiction, Jeffrey also writes erotica and likes to experience different paths. His works have been published by Alexandria Publishing Group, Grinning Skull Press, May-December Publications, EFW, and Optimus Maximus Publishing.

He is a full-time graphic artist, creating book covers, movie posters, and logos. His various careers have led him to travel extensively worldwide, developing a passion for photography, wildlife, history, and popular folklore. All these things heavily influenced his writing style.

More information is available at:
For his graphic art:

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Keith Montgomery

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Keith is a happily married, frustrated Cleveland sports fan. He enjoys video gaming, reading, and writing. Keith is an original member of Critiques R Us, a writer’s meetup group here in Cleveland Ohio.  Keith’s first book in his action pack vampire series The Sandrian Chronicles: Written in Blood is due out this summer.

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Matt Hay
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A father of two daughters, Scottish author Matt Hay spends his time roaming the beautiful West Lothian countryside, dreaming of new lands and stories whilst enjoying the never-ending Scottish rain. 

When he is not trying to scare you with his stories, Matt often can be found at Almondvale Stadium watching his beloved Livingston FC do battle against the best football teams in Scotland.

Matt loves to spend his summer at the Mull of Kintyre, the solitude helps him think, often staring across the shimmering Irish Sea, dreaming of visiting the luscious coastline of Northern Ireland before plotting out his next book.

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Ricky Fleet

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Ricky Fleet has been a lifelong horror fan ever since he was (almost) old enough to watch the original Romero trilogy. Those shambling horrors gave birth to an insatiable appetite that has yet to be sated. After spending years working in the plumbing trade, he then decided to start teaching, passing on his knowledge to the next generation of engineers.

Born and raised in the UK, cups of tea are a non-negotiable staple of the English life and serve as brain fuel for his first love, writing. With book one in the Hellspawn series receiving love from across the world, the second in the saga takes the action to a whole new level.

Today he shares his time between his real-life students, and the students of the zombie apocalypse in his first series: Hellspawn. At least the fictional students do as they’re told. Most of the time anyway.

Scott Carruba

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Born in Houston, Texas, Scott discovered creative writing at a very young age when asked to write a newspaper from another planet.  This exercise awakened a seemingly endless drive, and now, many short stories, poems, plays, and novels (both finished and unfinished) later, his urban fantasy series is being published.

Scott attended the University of Texas at Austin, achieving a degree in philosophy before returning to the Houston area to be closer to family and friends, branching out into directing and performance art, though creative writing remains his love.

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